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Treatment of Lyme Disease

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Lyme disease falls among the categories of diseases that are caused by bacteria. Human beings are mostly infected by this disease when they are bitten by the deer tick. Such ticks are infected after spending their time feeding on birds and deer. Fortunately, in order for you to get infected by Lyme, the tick should be on the surface of your skin for at least thirty-six hours. However, research has shown that individuals suffering from this disease don’t remember being bitten by a tick. The good news is that this disease can be treated. This article, therefore, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme.

Research has shown that most of the symptoms related to Lyme disease are also found in other diseases. This, therefore, makes it very difficult for the doctors to make diagnoses. To add salt to a wound, the ticks that are responsible for transmitting Lyme are also responsible for the transmission of other diseases. However, the best way to determine whether you have Lyme or not is by establishing whether you have Lyme rash on the surface of your skin. It is better for you to ensure that you have visited your doctor so that they can make a physical examination.

Doctors are capable of carrying out lab tests for the identification of the antibodies to the bacteria. This is important as it allows them to make a confirmation of the diagnosis. These tests are however reliable only after someone has been infected for just a few weeks. This is because your body will have had enough time to ensure that some antibodies have been developed. Some of the tests that are carried out by the physicians include ELISA tests, which may turn out negative or positive. This kind of test is actually carried out so that a confirmation may be done on the diagnosis.

Treatment of Lyme is carried out through the use of antibiotics. Professionals a state that treatment of Lyme is possible and quicker immediately someone has realized that they have been infected by the bacteria. The patients may be provided with oral antibiotics. Oral antibiotics are particularly provided when the disease is still at its early stages. Both adults and children who are older than eight years are provided with doxycycline. Cefuroxime is also provided for adults and younger children. It is also provided for women who are breastfeeding.

The antibiotics may also be administered intravenously. This kind of treatment is provided for those who are suffering from Lyme disease which has infected the central nervous system. This kind of treatment is provided for two to four weeks. The importance of this kind of treatment is that it is effective when it comes to the elimination of this disease. However, more time may be taken before someone can completely recover from the symptoms that result from Lyme. However, there are various effects that are likely to result from the administration of the antibiotics intravenously. Some of them include diarrhea, and the lowering of the white blood cells in the blood.

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